As promised, I haven't vanished into another seemingly endless "sabattical" from posting.  Actually, quite the contrary.  I've been actively training and working on getting back into shape.

I've been posting my Training Peaks logs for daily workouts on my Facebook account.  That provides some amount of accountability and tracking.

In the past 28 days I've logged 4 hours 40 minutes in the pool, completing nearly 11K yards.  Pokey, but progress.  That's in addition to the 9 hours spent covering 56 miles running.  Since that was over the holidays, during which I managed to actually lose another quarter pound, I'm happy with it.

All totaled, I'm down about 15 pounds since I got back at it, and have another 7-10 pounds to go.  That will get me into the proper weight range for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon and whatever I decide to pursue for the summer.

If you DO follow me on Facebook, you might find the post on my main page regarding my New Years' resolution.  For each like on that post, I will be completing one mile of swimming, 47 miles of biking, and 11 miles of running.  Basically, for every 24 likes, I will complete training equal to 10 Ironman races.  So far, I have nine likes.  That's 9 miles swimming, 423 miles on the bike, and 100 miles running.  Let me know if you think that isn't enough.

Finally, the new Saucony Omni running shoes have been almost perfect.  They have addressed both the tarsal tunnel (numbness) and stress issues.  There were some minor knee issues, but some gait correction and strength exercises have helped with that.

So things are moving along nicely.  All I need to do, now, is get the trainer set back up in the basement, and I'll be back to training in all three disciplines.
1/14/2013 06:33:05

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