An alternative title could be "Heavy Lifting" as I try to get a wide variety of things back off the ground.  Things like this blog, my endurance career, my butt off the couch...

Let's start with the excuses so we can get them out of the way.  After breaking my foot a bit over a year ago, I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel syndrome.  Basically carpal tunnel syndrome, but in my foot.  The impact of running leads to inflammation of the nerve sheath in my foot and my toes go numb.

Outside of surgery, the most effective solution I've found to this issue is barefoot running.  Only that has led to the issues with stress on the arch of my foot, likely related back to the original fracture.

Blah, blah, blah, excuses, excuses.  With the injuries, I allowed other parts of life to get in the way and presto, I'm not too far off of where I was when this whole journey started.

An out-of-shape former sailor...

A couple things have occurred, recently, to provide the sort of swift kick to the head needed to jar things loose.

First, the 2012 Runner's World Holiday Running Streak and former schoolmate Greg Henneman (aka Perseverance Runner) throw down the challenge to run at least one mile each day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  Add in the incentive of charity giving with "penalties" for missed days and you have a strong motivator to run.

All of that got me thinking back to a discussion I had on the phone with Scott Rigsby.  Yes, that Scott Rigsby.  He and I were discussing an idea I had about raising funds for a friend who lost his leg to illness.  I had grand plans to run a triple marathon as a way to raise funds to help that friend purchase a running leg.

Scott brought me back to earth.  He pointed out that me running 80 miles wouldn't make that guy go run.  If my friend were truly married to the idea of running, he'd be doing everything he could to get and stay fit, then pounding down doors to get sponsors.  If unable to run, he'd be swimming.  He'd be using his good leg to pedal a bike.  He wouldn't be looking for ways to make everything "perfect" THEN start running.

It was that last bit that struck me recently.  I have lingering injuries.  Injuries that are likely to be chronic reminders that I'm getting old.  Injuries that make running a challenge.  And Scott Rigsby lost both legs and went on to complete Ironman.

It makes my worries about numb toes and bit underwhelming.


I'm going to run every day between now and New Years, or pay an extra dollar to charity for the failure.  In January, I'm going to get my feet wet, again, by swimming every day of the month.  And I'm going to keep running while I do it.  Once open, I'm going to register for a series of races designed to force me to remain active, or at least pay a heavy price for failing to do so.

I don't promise to take this site back to "every day" posting.  I will, however, try to post weekly summaries of the workouts and get the rest of the site back into some semblance of sanity.
11/26/2012 16:07:42

Welcome back!


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